Of Dreams and Nightmares

Dwarven Dissidence

They're just so darn stubborn.

The party ventured deeper into the caverns of the drakes, in search of the pseudodrake. Along the way, they found some curious items, along with an unhatched drake egg. There were many perils and plunder to be found within.

With the pseudodrake found, killed, and skinned, the party began to hatch a devious plan in hopes of finagling a little extra. Nhym speaks up, and begins to stir up a plan to attempt a little extra from the Dwarven Blacksmith. Particularly, feeling betrayed that they should be sent to perform such a dangerous task, they desired more.

Fabian sat a day’s journey outside of the town, it seemed he preferred it this way, and let the gnomes wander into town, describing a tale of destruction and woe in search of this acclaimed piece of leather for this seedy dwarf. However, Starn Longbeard was unmoved by such a fib. He still paid the party what he promised, but not without a few scathing insults. They received a pair of Flayer’s Gloves.

On their way out of the blacksmith, they were approached by a human. He was wearing a blue cloak and adorned in the garb of Melora. Upon his back was a giant, ornate greatsword that glowed blue itself; no doubt a skiron greatsword crafted by Starn himself. He introduced himself as the man who hired them to find his son, Caleb Fisher…



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