Of Dreams and Nightmares

The Adventure Begins

With the group assembled, what possibilities exist?

Nhym Mistwell – Gnome Bard

Fabian Clement – Human Figher—Multiclass Ranger

Donella – Gnome Wizard

Level 1


Our story starts in a location that would seem familiar to many other stories. Our heroes met each other in the local tavern, Joon’s Tavern. Fabian, restless to prove himself, began to search for something to do. While they were sitting there, the owner of the tavern walked over to a news board; it was another missing person flyer. Looking around the board, Fabian saw that there were a multitude of these flyers. Sparking interest, Fabian walked over to the bar and inquired about the missing persons.

The bartender, already drunk, pointed him toward a human sitting at a table. The human, appearing deep in thought, didn’t even notice the fighter approach. Due to his solitude in the woods, the fighter thinks nothing of walking up and poking the man to get his attention. Returning back to the moment, the man nearly fell out of his chair. Fabian began to question the man about the missing persons. Revealed in the conversation, there have been people going missing, with nobody really able to tell how. The man also revealed that his son went missing just the night before. Just like many other people’s story, the man was not able to tell Fabian how he was taken. It happened in the merchant square during the middle of the night.

Equipped with this knowledge, the fighter went off to find his gnomish comrades. Meanwhile, the bard Nyhm was on top of a few boxes to sing a song. The people of Thermon generally responded well, and they tipped him a total of 5gp. After this length of time, Fabian came along and found them. He told them the story the man told, and was looking to find more information. The gnomes, not knowing the full story the fighter briefly told, returned to the tavern to attempt to get more information, while Fabian walked off to the barracks to talk to the people there.

The gnomes returned to the tavern, and after a quick discussion with the tavernkeeper, were led to the man. They asked questions again, in hope of actually getting more information. The man told them many of the same things, but remembered one key fact. He remembered that there have been strange happenings at the Old Keep, but attempted to dismiss it. The keep has been abandoned for years at this point, and there is nothing there. Still, there were strange happenings involving that location that he was unable to shake.

Fabian, having been a Thermon soldier of low rank in the past, attempted to glean more information from the guard. They had pretty much nothing. There was one key piece of information, however. Their watch has been put on high alert, and nothing was going in and out without them knowing.

Returning with each of their information, they recapped their stories at the tavern. Talking well into the night, they decided it was best to go out and search the keep at night. They began to set out. Eventually they reached the keep, and began searching the grounds. Looking around, they saw light. It was a very dim, weak light. Tracing the light brought them to a door, the catacombs.

Interested in figuring out the mystery, they opened the creaky stone door. Inside, they were hit with a smell, a smell that was pungent and odorous. Little bits of mold hung in the corners. As they walked forward, they were greeted by an angel statue to the left of the foyer of the catacombs, and a demon next to it. To their left, there stood a wooden door, and to the right descending stairs. Disturbed by the symbolism of the statues, they decided to open the door. Once the door was cracked, the source of the smell came into light as Donarella lit her lantern. The Undead have risen!

They saw Decrepit skeletons and Wisp Wraiths. Upon surprising them, Fabian forgot himself and ran into the room. However, the room held a dark secret. A disturbing sound, like that of popping bones, came from the ceiling. A Skulk Zombie, a terrible mess of a thing, was climbing along the ceiling! It popped out from a column, crawled down it, and rushed Fabian. In the end, the party was victorious. The gnomes decided to search the room, and meticulously look over the details of the room. Fabian, upon not hearing anything coming from the other door, called to the two gnomes to continue on.

As their dialogue continued, there came a scratching noise on the wooden door near Fabian. Cautious, they approached the door, and opened it to a hallway that turned to the right. Upon turning the corner, they discovered Dire Rats! The rats, with horns and tusks protruding from their bodies, turned out to be quite a challenge for the party. The gnomes suffered the worst, where Donella was eventually knocked unconscious. Upon defeating the rats, they discovered that something else had happened. Fabian and Nhym felt somewhat faint. They were starting to burn up something fierce… they had contracted Filth Fever.

Now with the disease coursing through their veins, they began to feel slightly sluggish. The room held two doors: one that had a skull painted in blood in front of it, and the other an unseemingly regular door. They crossed the room to open the average-looking door, and decided that the door might make a good stranglehold against the enemies. They opened it to find more of the undead, with a mix of more Dire Rats. The battle, which went much more favorably, was over very quickly. The party, now beaten and battered, face one more door. What horror could be waiting behind this door? Will the questions they have be answered? Tune in next week…!



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