Nhym Mistwell

Gnome Bard


Age-30 Height-3’2” Weight-49 lbs. Alignment-na Deity-Corellon

STR-10 CON-12 DEX-11 INT-15 WIS-16 CHA-16

FORT-11 REF-13 WILL-14

AC-15 HP-24


Nhym Mistwell was born under a family of lineage mages. His family’s hope for him soon faded as he grew older and showed no interest in magic. Nhym was happy exploring the woods and surrounding areas of his village. But the thing he enjoyed the most was music. He dreamed of performing for people and would often sing in the village square to the embarassment of his parents. His father, Brolin, was one of the most famous Warlocks in all of the village and had faught in many wars and though he hoped that his son would never see battle, he also wished that his son would lead a life of magic like him and his father before him.

It was when Nhym was only fifteen years old that he discovered that his race had, and was still being enslaved by an evil race of humans known only to the gnomes as the dark ones. Though the dark ones’ activity had receded in recent years, they still had been known to abduct and enslave gnomes from villages spread along the various continents. The gnomes kept quiet of it and rarely talked about it, they more feared than hated their enslavers. Nhym however was outraged at the fact that this was still happening and vowed that he would one day do something about it.

Nhym was very outspoken, and besides being what some of the other villagers called “flighty”, he also happened to be the smallest of his family, as well as the smallest of his age. He was constantly harassed by the other children and found friendship with only on other, Donella. She had shown an immediate talent for magic and was often known to protect Nhym from some of the bullies in town.

Several years had gone by and Nhym was reaching a time where he would soon be leaving his family home. It was then that he befriended a traveller, a bard. His hame was Sigmund, he happened to be travelling near Nhym’s village when the two met. Nhym immediately took to the human and they soon became friends. It was then that Nhym started to take interest in magic, not the magic his parents and siblings practiced, it was bardic magic. Sigmund could tell right away that Nhym had the makings of a Bard. He had never met anyone that could sing the way he did and sometimes felt himself being pulled into the gnome’s songs. Sigmund taught Nhym as much as he could until eventually the human left to go back to his own village. Before leaving he gave Nhym a lute that he had gotten on one of his travels, it was the last time Nhym saw him.

A few years later Donella left to study magic further and Nhym was left alone, it was soon after that he decided to earn some life experience as well. His dreams were finally coming to fruition, and he would eventually be able to free his people of their hardships.

Nhym Mistwell

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