Donella Fareburn



War Wizard Age 32 HP=21

Str=10 Con=11 Dex=16 Int=18 Wis=13 Cha=10

AC=14 Fort=10 Ref=14 Will=13


Donella is a war wizard from a small village. As she was growing up she took an early inclination toward magic. She befriended Nhym who also lived in her village. Nhym was always getting into some sort of scuffle with the other local young gnomes. More than once she helped him out of scrape, and soon became known as his protector.

Donella wanted to begin her training to become a wizard while she was still in her village. However there was no one there that was willing to take her on as an apprentice. Due to this Donella took it upon herself to learn as much as she could about wizardry and read all the books she could find on the subject as well as any other book that took her interest. Once she had exhausted the books within her village she left to go train at the greatest wizarding school in the world, the Octavery.

Donella traveled to Aasen and went to the Octavery with hopes of finding a wizard willing to train her. During the apprentice screen process she caught the eye of War Wizard Emerys. He took special interest in the outcomes of all of her tests. Once they were complete he requested that she be placed under his tutorage. The council approved his request and Donnella became War Wizard Apprentice Donella. She began her training that very day.

As she continued on in her training her master worked her hard and she became very knowlegeable in the ways of wizardry. She also became very quiet and resented having to speak to anyone else other than her master. She is totally devoted to him. One day he had her come to him and he handed her papers, travel and identifiation papers. Donella knew this day would come, she would have to leave and travel the world to find herself and hone her powers before she could come back and continue her training.

Donella Fareburn

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