Caleb Fisher

A young man of the cloth, who looks to avenge his son


Level 2 Human Avenger Deity: Melora Alignment: Good




Born in Thermon, Caleb is a priest of Melora. His family business has been a sailor, catching fish for the town. His 5 other siblings, much to the disappointment of his parents, have set out in the world, mainly becoming merchants and artisans. They haven’t kept in touch and he hasn’t heard from them in years. Eventually, he married his teenage sweetheart and had one child, a boy named Aaron. His wife was unfortunately lost due to complications of birth. For five years, it was just him and his son, going about life.

However, the recent plight claimed his son, twisted by the ways of the undead. He can only imagine what his son went through, and has sacrificed himself to avenge his son. He has joined the party to find this person that twisted his only child, and to ensure that his plight will never be anyone else’s.

Description: Caleb wears a light blue cloak. Strapped to his back is a greatsword made of skiron, the light blue tinged iron from the local Thermon mines. His eyes demonstrate pain, and despite being age 27, looks much more distinguished. He stands six foot tall and mousy brown hair.

Caleb Fisher

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