Starn Longbeard

The local smith in Thermon


Certainly a rare sight to behold, this dwarf is king of the smiths on the continent of Goreth. His short stature and arrogant attitude are a wonder to many of the people of the continent, as they believe he is the only dwarf that has chosen to live in such an out-of-place location. His large draw is no wonder; the skiron that is mined and brought to him to craft with. He is fascinated by it.

A careful crafter, he uses only the best materials to shape the most powerful of armors and weapons. He may only be an amateur to anything involving tanning and leather, but can turn iron to gold (figuratively, of course) with the strike of his mighty oversized hammer.

A gruff creature, he tends to be short and to the point. However, it is not typically a good idea to mention anything about his 48 inch tall body, lest you want his 48 inch smithing hammer to “smooth out a few details on your body”.

Starn Longbeard

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