The world of Llanwyn is a magical amalgamation of demi-humans and sorcery. The world is delicately balanced by the Winds of Fate. When this balance is upset in one direction, Llanwyn is tossed into turmoil.

There have been few recorded events where the Winds have changed. However, there have been legends passed down from generation to generation. Many tell of great evils, and others great heroes dominate the tale.

Little is known about what truly happens when the Winds change. In the flow of time, it appears miniscule, lasting about 1-3 years. However, it has always fallen on the denizens of Llanwyn to ensure the Winds blow in the correct direction, otherwise the world will fall.

The Gods of Llanwyn are careful observers. In a cruel stroke of Fate, the Gods are only allowed to give part of their power, for reasons unknown. Because of this, the Gods are very selective of their champions.

Llanwyn is made up of three continents:


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